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Senior Executives

What are some of the fundamental distinctions between a leader and a dictator? ... Start Today

What are some of the fundamental distinctions between a leader and a dictator? Leaders motivate, delegate, and arbitrate; whereas, dictators impose, centralize authority, and foster animosity between competitive subordinates. How is it that these fundamental distinctions are not clear in the minds of most senior executives? Many work environments have demoralizing and stark gradations of power, where those in places of authority demand submission from expendable employees. This type of attitude shatters opportunity for creativity, growth, and strength within a company.

The fundamental end goal of any business is to make money; however, when executives focus on the bottom line to the extent that people become disposable, employees are limited in their ability to work effectively. Great companies lead their team to success by empowering their employees. Costco is a prime example of this. Their whole infrastructure is based on mutual respect between executives and employees. Costco customers are consistently satisfied because they are reaping the benefits of an empowered, creative, and respected workforce.

Most people devote a large percentage of their lives to their work.Your place of work plays a large part in your personal identity. People want to belong and engage in activities which are fulfilling. Executives miss a tremendous opportunity to harness a primal energy within every person when they fail to engender loyalty and motivation within their staff. It is crucial that executives receive leadership formation in order to ensure the success of their companies and the people who make their success possible. Every employee is a critical cog of the whole machine. Executives must lead, not dictate.

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