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Leadership is a skill that must be instilled and developed. People drawn to... Start Today

Leadership is a skill that must be instilled and developed. People drawn to ministry-related work typically have a natural disposition to help and effect change. These qualities, while good and admirable, are not enough to ensure that a particular ministry is a success. Ministry leaders must be instructed on the proper practices of leadership as well as develop their personal characteristics which dispose them to be great leaders. There are a few key characteristics that a ministry leader should exemplify.

First of all, ministry leaders must develop a total disposition of sincerity. You can be serving a noble cause surrounded by well-intentioned people; however, if your leadership team presents itself as preachy or the least bit artificial, people will be profoundly averse to your work. A ministry leader must embody their mission. They are the face of their mission and an outsider’s first experience of it.

Secondly, ministry leaders must be effective communicators. A large part of the success of any ministry is engaging community participation and support. A critical obstacle many ministries encounter is an inability to transmit their purpose in a meaningful way to their unaware target audience. Leadership formation gives ministry leaders the tools necessary for leading their team and message into the world.

Lastly, ministry leaders must know how to delegate appropriately and motivate their team. Ministry work can often be a thankless and unprofitable job. It is not always easy to keep in mind the greater good each member of the team is collectively working towards. The ministry leader is responsible for creating awareness of the great work and goal their team is towards. A good ministry leader recognizes the importance of each member of his or her team and actively encourages each member to embrace their roles.

Ministry leaders must be equipped with the particular leadership skills needed for their work in order to inspire and propel their mission.

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