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What are the fundamental distinctions between successful entrepreneurs and... Start Today

What are the fundamental distinctions between successful entrepreneurs and those who crumble under the pressure from creating something out of nothing? This subject could be covered endlessly, but there are a few characteristics that are immediately apparent in successful entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs listen to the right people. Everyone experiences rejection at some point in their life; entrepreneurs should expect an even higher concentration than the average population. In order to combat the stream of “nos,” entrepreneurs must have a strong inner voice motivating them to forge ahead. The tricky part is allowing our internal impetus to overcome obstacles while also screening the feedback we receive from a few trustworthy sources. An entrepreneur cannot be completely deaf to the voices that surround them. That is equally dangerous. It take a dedicated team to build a successful venture. As in most things, balance is key when it comes to weighing the pros and cons of any situation or decision.

Further, successful entrepreneurs have their priorities in order. Living the entrepreneur lifestyle necessitates that you make clear decisions to prioritize some things over others. This is a benefit over the typical nine to five work lifestyle which often times offers the illusion of freedom, when it is secreting creating clear parameters for your work/life flow. An entrepreneur knows they must invest more time, energy, and resources into their work, and the ones who have achieved balance are those who have identified a few clear priorities into which they channel their carefully measured resources. When nearly broke single mom Stacy Brown started her now multimillion dollar company “Chicken Salad Chick” she made the conscious decision that “she would run the company; the company would not run her.” Meaning, she arranged her business such that it did not interfere with her obligations to love and nurture her children. Entrepreneurs who fail to recognize the importance of balance in their lives, quickly burn out and lose touch with humanity.

Lastly, entrepreneurs are passionate about their work. A successful entrepreneur has no problem communicating the value of their product or service because they believe in it wholeheartedly. An authentic entrepreneur has an internal drive to create and share which fuels their success and can’t be faked.

These three qualities are the hallmarks of successful entrepreneurs. Some entrepreneurial qualities are inborn, some must be developed; all must be nurtured.

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