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Athletes hold a tremendous influence over much of the population, particularly... Start Today

Athletes hold a tremendous influence over much of the population, particularly young people, and that is not necessarily a bad thing. Inherent in athletic excellence is strict adherence to many admirable practices, such as disciple, self-motivation, and resilience.

Too often though, we see athletes flouting their financial success and the lifestyle that accompanies it without identifying the qualities that brought them their success. Look at Kobe Bryant’s history, and you will see a talented man who outworked his opponents. He is proud of his work ethic. However, the advertisements he is associated with would have the indiscriminate viewer believing that a particular brand and make of sneaker made him the success that he is. Steph Curry is someone who has effectively distilled principles such as discipline and humility into his following. Curry put the principle before the product.

Given that athletes are in a prime situation to inspire a widespread appreciation for many valuable qualities, it is crucial that athletes receive proper training on how to fulfill their roles as leaders and effectively communicate the values that make them great athletes.

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