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Highly successful entrepreneurs and business owners typically want their organizations to be well oiled machines.  As you most likely have experienced, reaching for the next level of success usually brings about a whole new set of obstacles to overcome.  If you’re like most successful entrepreneurs and business owners, you are most likely experiencing one or more of the 4 common frustrations:


Lack of Control: Instead of controlling the business, the business is totally consuming and controlling you.

• Your Business Viewpoint: The dream has now turned into a nightmare.


Frustration with Your Team: Employees, clients/customers and partners have become barriers to your success. They don’t seem to hear you or follow through on your requests.

• Your Business Viewpoint: Everyone else is the problem


Lack of Profit: Simply put, there isn’t much if any.

• Your Business Viewpoint: Why am I even in business, life would be easier if I was working for someone else.


Slow to No Growth on an Annual Basis

• Your Business Viewpoint: Growth has come to a screeching halt and regardless of what you try to do, nothing is working.

Some of the solutions we provide to businesses are the creation of the following:

• Organization Board – Helps provide clarity and responsibility for each team member within the organization

• Daily, Weekly and Monthly Scoreboard – Helps provide a scoreboard so each person knows how they are performing

• Performance Reviews – Helps the owner[s] and leadership team know how well each team member is performing based on their specific scoreboard results and their adherence to the organizations core values

• P.L.A.N. A.H.E.A.D. Program – Helps provide clarity on how to take a vision and bring it to fruition with a high level of certainty.

• Daily Productivity Planner – Helps leaders create a systematic way of producing results. The key is great years are built from great days.

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