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5 Qualities of Emerging Transformational Leaders

“A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.” - Bob Proctor Every generation of leaders has the responsibility of recognizing the emergence of younger leaders and passing on to them what they know. The transition from one era to the next brings new ways of thinking requiring some innovations in leadership development. Great leaders do not rise to the top of their fields by accident, but by practicing Self-awareness, honest Self-assessment, and a serious commitment to ongoing personal development. A transformational leaders’ greatest contribution...

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Why Leaders Need at Least 7 Qualities to Achieve Longevity

I was home cleaning out my cabinet, a junk drawer to be precise, and I came across a few Nokia phones (are you old enough to remember the green tinted screens before the age of texting?). Nokia, birth in Finland, was the pioneer of cellular networks and was the top company in the mobile market globally. What happened to Nokia? Was it the internet, the rapid growth of data transmission that toppled them? I’m sure there are many reasons for Nokia falling behind the times. I think of the Buggy whip companies in the nineteenth century, they outlived their usefulness...

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Why Your Organization Needs an Effective Operating System

In the 1950’s comedians Bud Abbott and Lou Costello did a routine “Who’s on First,” this satire on bad communication is built around a baseball team’s infielders with names like “Who” the first baseman, “What” the second baseman and “I don’t Know” on third base. The script is well written, so the conversation becomes more convoluted as it goes on. It’s sad to say that many organizations are functioning on the same premise as Abbott and Costello’s routine with its mythical ballplayers. Team Building Essentials Many companies struggle with resolving internal issues because they cannot identify “who” dropped the ball...

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Why Leaning Into Conflict is Good

What comes to mind when you hear the word conflict?  Do you think of some dreadful series of meetings making a negative impact on all involved? The fact of the matter is that conflict, (in itself) is neither good or bad. Conflict becomes positive or negative by the emotions we attach to it. Whenever people feel their opinions or values have been disrespected there will be conflict. To resolve the conflict the need to establish the difference between the facts and the perceptions cannot be overstated.Once we understand that conflict can serve as an opportunity to resolve issues instead of complicating them, it will strengthen...

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Vision: Are You Fulfilling It or Killing It?

Many people carry a vision that lies dormant within them for years, just as many act on theirs and see it fulfilled. Why do some people follow their vision while others forfeit theirs? Most people make good on the initial steps toward realizing their vision, why do some of them fulfill it and others kill it? I believe many people fail to achieve great things because of an inability to recognize progress when they’re making it and fail to understand the potential of a great idea when they have one . If a Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words a Motion...

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Why It’s Better to Win and Lose Together

“Teamwork divides the tasks and multiplies the success” – Author Unknown Super Bowl LIII though thought by many to be less than exciting was in fact a textbook demonstration of teamwork. The New England Patriots didn’t win an unprecedented sixth championship on talent alone. The Patriots organization is powered by good players being led by top coaches backed by an outstanding front office. These three departments had to be on the same page while doing some serious problem solving early in the season to make it to the playoffs. The players and coaches are held to a high standard of excellence....

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Why Life is Healthier with Boundaries

“We cannot set a boundary and simultaneously take care of another person’s feelings” – Melody Beattie We all have friends who we feel tend to invade our personal space on occasion, and I’m sure we all know people we like and struggle with their being intrusive at times and yet, we say nothing. When we fail to say something about things in a relationship that bothers us, we complicate the relationship. Setting boundaries is a healthy thing for all relationships, not having them in place negatively impacts everyone. Boundaries Some might prefer to use guidelines to boundaries whichever term you...

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Can You Name 5 Simple Qualities of a Good Company?

“In business it’s about people, it’s about relationships” – Kathy Ireland Isn’t it interesting how many shipwrecked businesses went to great lengths to hire the best only to end up treating their customers like second class citizens? Equally puzzling are the organizations that could be rated number one in customer satisfaction and rated last in employee satisfaction. Both scenarios missed the fact that business is about people, nothing more nothing less. Who doesn’t want to be valued for who they are and what they do? Current trends indicate more companies are paying closer attention to the health and well being...

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Leading Into The Fray

"Hard times arouse an instinctive desire for authenticity" - Coco Chanel Authenticity begins at the point of accepting who we are as we are. I believe growing in self-awareness is scary at times because of the surprises that often accompany self-discovery. There’s no way around it, as leaders we will often be required to lead people into uncharted territory. Leading into the fray as I call it requires courage, and courage requires honesty with ourselves and everyone around us. In times of difficulty we’re either all in or not in at all. To lead effectively we cannot be dishonest or...

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Leadership: Straight Forward and Uncomplicated

The idea behind leadership is to use influence to empower others to work together for a worthy cause that in some measure adds value to society. In the process the team is challenged and stretched by their collaborative efforts. In recent years I’ve grown tired of watching our elected officials attack one another with almost reckless abandonment. Hearing how both sides spin facts and frame their arguments makes me wonder whatever happened to let’s agree to “respectfully” disagree? How does bad behavior add value to anyone? “It’s not personal, it’s strictly business” – Michael Corleone (The Godfather) It seems to me...

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