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The Optimistic Executive

“What I’ve really learned over time is that optimism is a very, very important part of leadership.” – Bob Iger Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Optimism as “an inclination to put the most favorable construction upon actions and events or to anticipate the best possible outcome.” I believe that Optimism can be birth within a person who chooses to explore and develop their untapped potential.  Potential always speaks of possibilities, and knowing your potential opens your mind to the opportunities around you, which links your thinking to probabilities. The more you consider the positive aspects of your capabilities, the more your excitement...

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Challenge Yourself Today and Be A Change Agent Tomorrow

“If we do not bring the necessary challenges to our people, we will not bring the needed changes to our organizations.” - JSP Leadership is Challenging Both to Ourselves and Our People Intuitive leaders tend to see the changes coming before others; they’re acutely aware of cultural shifts and emerging trends in the marketplace. Knowing when and how to develop the necessary skills to effectively lead people through the twists and turns in uncertain times is a combination of skill sets, talent, and intuition. Consistently high achievers are extraordinarily intuitive and tend to have a significantly heightened sense of perception....

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Leadership A Matter of Principle in Any Environment

Philip Skelton once remarked, “Our principles are the springs of our actions our actions, the springs of our happiness or misery.  Too much care, therefore, cannot be taken in forming our principles.”   A lifestyle of personal development and providing value for others begins with principles rightly applied consistently over some time.  Principles speak to character, which develops and is seen over time, whereas personality is seen immediately and produces first impressions and likability short-term. Stephen R. Covey observes, “Positive personality traits, while often essential for success, constitute secondary greatness.  To focus on personality before character is to try to...

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Leadership Plain and Simple – Part Two

“Out of chaos, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony.” - Bruce Lee Imagine a team with seven simple character traits being “all in” with placing others first for the greater good, utilizing personal assessments* Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of all personnel. As a leader, you identify those whose strengths are in your areas of weakness, empowering, and equipping them to excel where they’re strong and improve in the areas of their weaknesses. I do not doubt that character-based leadership will continue increasing due to the value it adds to our organizations and our customers/clients. “Character-driven teams develop personal and...

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Leadership Plain and Simple – Part One

“Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to be simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” – Steve Jobs Maintaining control over your people was how most leaders ran their organizations when I first began my journey. I decided to lead differently. I had a good rapport with the people around me, our days were fun, and everyone got along well, the work got done, and we all went home feeling good about ourselves. Yet, something I couldn’t define or articulate...

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Building a Lifestyle on the Extra Mile

“One of the most important principles of success is developing the habit of going the extra mile.” - Napoleon Hill Going the extra mile is usually defined as “doing more than one is required to do.” To live on the extra mile, you will always strive to outdo yourself year in and year out because you want to. Since this lifestyle on the extra mile is your decision, you will naturally never compete or compare yourself with others. Always Choose the Clear Ethical Path Harvey Mackay says, “Ethical decisions ensure that everyone’s best interests are protected. When in doubt, don’t.”...

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Be Determined, Deliberate & Decisive about Your Future

“There is a choice you have to make in everything you do. So, keep in mind that in the end, the choice you make makes you.” - John Wooden I always knew I wanted to make a difference in life; my problem was I didn’t know what that difference was because I hadn’t wrapped my mind around who I was. I only knew I had to start somewhere, and that “somewhere” began right where I was. My first step toward being determined, deliberate and decisive about my future began with the purchase of the book “How to Get Control of Your...

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Intentionally Growing Through Seasons of Change

“To live intentionally implies that it is not going to be always convenient, but it is what will take you to significance if you do not give up.” - Sunday Adelaja No one can deny we are in a season of change; some will accept and adapt to it better than others; some may resist and stress over it. Leaders have a different view, whether those changes are economically driven, cultural shifts, or by design within their organizations.In seasons of change, leaders see opportunities before others and respond with specific objectives and a plan for growth. When you have a plan...

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Why Repetition is the Forerunner of Success

For the remainder of July we will be sharing with you our favorite articles from 2019 based on comments and views.  We are calling July our "2019 Readers Choice Series". This weeks article was originally sent out on September 17, 2019 We hope you enjoy this 4 Part Series.   “Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality” - Earl Nightingale I’m a teenager watching professional bowlers throw two or three strikes in a row making it look easy, igniting a desire in me to learn how to do the same. My...

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Leading in a Culture of Many Generations

For the remainder of July we will be sharing with you our favorite articles from 2019 based on comments and views.  We are calling July our "2019 Readers Choice Series". This weeks article was originally sent out on August 27, 2019 We hope you enjoy this 4 Part Series.   Many organizations are thinking through the Impact of the Millennial generation as they grow to become the majority in the workforce. I have written about how this is already making an impact in the world of sports. I noted that younger and older generations are an asset together on the same team....

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